DC500 Pro Set Digital Camera

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The SeaLife DC500 ProSet is specifically designed for divers to take brighter, colourful pictures underwater.SeaLife’s unique Land & Sea exposure modes optimize picture quality in low-light conditions.

By adding the SeaLife External Flash (SL960), even brighter more colourful images can be captured at greater depths and under adverse conditions.

The DC500, 5MP camera is compact and fully rubber-armoured for ruggedness and comfortable handling to a depth of 200 feet.

The New “Shark Mode” feature allows for faster and sharper pictures of moving objects underwater by setting the shutter to virtually no shutter lag.

Set Includes:

  • 5.0MP camera
  • External Flash – (SL960)
  • Flash Link (SL962)
  • Soft Travel case – (SL946)



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