DC800 MAXX Digital Camera

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SeaLife has created the ultimate digital dive camera system which includes everything you need to take professional quality, underwater digital images.

The Maxx is outfitted with the DC800 camera and two Digital Pro Flashes in a deluxe hard case. Dual flashes eliminates shadows by illuminating the subject from both sides. Light up the deep and capture spectacular underwater images with the brightest colors you ever imagined.

Set the camera to Ext Flash Auto mode for automatic exposure control with the Digital Pro Flash, resulting in vibrant colors and reduced backscatter. The Ext Flash Manual mode offers advanced UW photographers manual aperture and shutter speed controls.

Quick shutter response for fast action photography. Long lasting lithium battery for all day of diving. Automatic focus from 2″ to infinity. Large format continuous video recording with sound. Depth tested to 200ft.

Fully rubber armored for shock protection. 1-year warranty covers the underwater camera and flash accessory


  • DC800 8 mp camera and housing (SL180).
  • 2 Digital Pro Flashes (SL961).
  • 2 Flash Links (SL962).
  • 2 Battery and Charger Sets (SL190).
  • Buoyancy Control Weight (SL966)
  • Deluxe Hard Case with Foam (SL949)
  • 1 package of Moisture Munchers (SL911)


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