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The radiation detector for the VideoRay Pro series ROV mounts easily to the bottom of the sub and utilizes the 9-pin accessory port.

A PC is required (connected to the control panel serial port) to read, plot, and alarm upon the detection of radiation. All required software is supplied with the system. The unit is very sensitive to gamma radiation and high energy X-Rays.

The sensor is not designed to detect alpha and beta particles since the tube is mounted inside a pressure housing. The RM-60 radiation monitor perceives radiation passing through 1.4″ thick black Acetal (Delrin) wall.

Gamma Sensitivity 10 Kev. Cesium Calibration Tube calibrated to Cesium 137 +/- 5% (MIL-STD-45662). Software digitally locked to tube. Size 10.55″ × 3.50″ × 3.25″ with tube-end visible from VideoRay’s camera

Available for: Pro 4 & Pro 3


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