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More cost effective than diving excursions to measure thickness underwater, the Cygnus Instruments thickness gauge has been designed specifically to be mounted onto the VideoRay Pro line and Deep Blue. The gauge allows the operator to carry out thickness measurements in areas that have previously been unfeasible using large ROVs or divers, such as inside pipelines. The gauge uses a technique known as Multiple Echo, which allows measurements to be taken without first removing coatings. The unit is pressure tested to 500 m and dedicated software displays the time, date and thickness readings on the surface. All readings can be stored. A PC is required – not included.

The Cygnus gauge was used on a VideoRay during a survey of the USS Arizona battleship, which sank at the start of WWII in Pearl Harbor. During explorations by the National Park Service, the Cygnus gauge was aboard a VideoRay that traveled up to 150 feet inside the ship, while taking readings and measuring the thickness of the walls containing No. 6 fuel oil. For more information visit Cygnus Instruments

Available for: Pro 3 S, Pro 3 XE, Pro 3 XE GTO, Deep Blue 


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